Payment Options


Payment Methods

Payments can be made by credit card, debit card, money order and cashier's check. All payments should be made payable to Chicago Community Learning Center.

Payment Deadline

Full payment of Tuition, class material fees and other related charges are due prior to the start of the term as specified on the original bill.  A past due balance may result in prevention of registration or grade release and/or classroom certificates.

Payments will be accepted for billable charges only. The Chicago Community Learning Center is not able to process payments for more than the balance due on the student's account.

Direct Payments to CCLC

Please remember:

  • Your ATM/Debit card number is NOT your checking or savings account number
  • Do not attempt to use credit card cash advance checks, brokerage account checks, or any other checks marked "Do Not Use for ACH"
  • No "electronic checks" will be accepted
  • If the payment returned because of error or insufficient funds the school will pass any associated fees onto the student account

Cashier's Checks or Money Orders

We are able to accept payment by cashier's checks or money orders under the following conditions:

  • Cashier's Check or Money Order is written on a US Bank Account
  • Cashier's Check or Money Order must include the bank account owner's name and address
  • The student name is listed in the memo section of the Cashier's Check and/or Money Order.