State & National Licenses & Certification



  • Illinois Department of Public Health(IDPH) Students successfully completing the CNA program can be eligible to register for the State Nurse Aide Testing license exam.
  • American Medical Certification Association(AMCA) & or National Health Career Association (NHA)
    ***Recognition for your specialized knowledge that is accepted on a National level License is accepted anywhere in the U.S.A***

All students successfully completing the following programs at CCLC will be eligible to register for the National license exam with the AMCA or NHA the choice of certifying agencies is left up to the students. The list of license exams are as follows:

  • Certified EKG Technician (CET)
  • Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT)
  • Certified Billing & Coding Specialist (CBCT)
  • Certified Patient Care Technician (CPCT)
  • Pharmacy Technician (CPT)
  • Certified Medical Assistant

*Note: CPCT must have completed Certified Nurse Assistant and be active in the Illinois State Registry as well as successfully completed and passed all exams for Phlebotomy Technician and EKG Technician.

The National certifying agencies strives on a continuing basis to:
Ensure a high level of performance among healthcare professional competency certification testing.

In addition to establishing your credentials as a healthcare professional, certification through NHA or AMCA offers you benefits that include:

  • A practical means of assessing your skills and experience
  • Help in your career advancement and compensation
  • The satisfaction of measuring yourself against the highest industry standards
  • Membership in a distinctive peer group made up of your fellow professionals
  • Belonging to an organization that stands behind its membership
  • The opportunity to continue your education and your knowledge by earning CEU’s (Counting Education Credits)

Notice: Chicago Community Learning Center(CCLC) does not guarantee the transferability of credits to another school, college, or university. Credits or coursework are not likely to transfer; any decision on the comparability, appropriateness and applicability of credit and whether credit should be accepted is the decision of the receiving institution.