Admission Requirements



  1. High School or GED required.
  2. 18 years of age or older .
  3. Have an photo ID and a social security card
  4. Be available to be in class from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  5. Illinois State Police Background Testing: Students are required to undergo a fingerprinting prior to the start of clinical. This extensive background check is mandatory and the fees is the paid by the school. Students must undergo fingerprinting through CCLC’s authorized vendor and are included in the cost of the tuition. or 1-866-361-9944).
  6. Student must submit health requirements to CCLC’s Office by the 10th day of class. Students who do not have Health Clearance will not be permitted to go to the clinical. Below are the health requirements needed before a student will be allowed to attend clinical sections of the program:
    1. Complete physical exam, signed by health care provider. Physicals are required annually and must not expire during the period of enrollment.
    2. TB Testing – A two step Mantoux per Illinois Department of Public Health
      1. Must be given and documented by health care provider
      2. First test is to be “read” and documented on between 48 hours to 7 days after the test was initiated
      3. Second test is to be done 7-21 days after first and should be “read” 48 to 72 hours after the second test was administered.
      4. d. If TB skin test is positive, or is known to be positive by the student, a chest x-ray will need to be done and referred to health care provider.
      5. The above must be completed before the student will be allowed to attend clinical section of the program. Student will be held to the missed clinical policy.
      6. It is the responsibility of the student to bring all health related information as stated above to the school before the start of class.

Requires course remedial or re-take:

D = Poor
F = deficient, is not a passing grade, numerically 69 and lower.
W = indicates official withdrawal from a course with the instructor’s consent up to 75% of contact time, after which “W” is no longer an option.
I = Incomplete, due to lack of completing aspects of course assignments and may be made up within eight weeks [20 working days] after formal completion of the course as indicated in the CCLC’s class schedule.

Notice: Chicago Community Learning Center(CCLC) does not guarantee the transferability of credits to another school, college, or university. Credits or coursework are not likely to transfer; any decision on the comparability, appropriateness and applicability of credit and whether credit should be accepted is the decision of the receiving institution.